A clean and simple starter repo using the [T3 Stack](https://create.t3.gg/) in [Tauri](https://tauri.app/)!

Getting Started

Before we continue, make sure you have completed the prerequisites to have a working development environment.


Integrating an existing T3 project in Tauri is pretty easy. The problem arises when we scaffold a new app using create tauri-app. Instead of trying to stitch together the T3 Stack tech from scratch, one can simply use this template.


Install Deps

npm i

Run Tauri Dev

npm run tauri dev

Build App

npm run tauri build

Don’t like npm? Feel free to use yarn, pnpm, or cargo. Nothing will break!

Note: Deploy your Next.js app before building your Tauri App. Remember to override the default build command so that the Vercel deploy doesn’t fail.



Tauri needs Next.js to run in SSG mode for it’s native functionalities. If you don’t need native stuff and simply want a web app in native, just redirect to the deployed Next.js app in your Tauri app. If you want a taste of both SSG & SSR, switch between the deployed Next.app window & native window whenever and wherever needed. Whatever you do, your Tauri app will always be less chunky than your Electron.js app.


Credits: [Fireship](https://youtu.be/-X8evddpu7M)

Learn More

  1. create-t3-app — Documentation
  2. create-tauri-app — Documentation


Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

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